Maruti Suzuki Celerio is an affordable offering in comparison to fully automatic cars

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Maruti-Suzuki being one of the oldest brands in the country has built a strong reputation for itself. The Indian car manufacturer knows exactly what a regular consumer would require. Reliability and efficiency have laid a strong foundation for their cars. The Celerio shall feature an innovative technology called as the automated manual transmission. It is said that the gears would be present but minus the clutch pedal, this would give the driver a feel as though they are driving a vehicle with automatic transmission system.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio is an affordable offering in comparison to fully automatic cars |
Maruti Suzuki Celerio is an affordable offering in comparison to fully automatic

As per sources, the upcoming Maruti Suzuki Celerio hatchback has been rechristened as 'EZDrive'. In the past cars powered by fully automatic gearbox technology were known to deliver lower fuel efficiency. Reports also stated that cars with fully automatic mechanism struggled with heavier overall body weight. The Celerio comes with a 1.0 litre, 3 cylinder K-series petrol engine that churns out amazing power output of 67 bhp with 90 Nm max torque.

To break the social stigma associated with such cars, the new Celerio has claimed to deliver a better efficiency and has boasted to be lighter in weight. Sources within the company reported the car to be 5% more efficient than a regular manual version car. Moreover, the absence of clutch pedal makes the car even more interesting and comfortable within the city where you may be stuck for hours in a stop-and-go traffic situation. Furthermore, the driver gets to shift gears in a fully automatic mode or sequentially. This car's unique hydraulic system allows the driver to shift gears without needing a clutch. A recent television commercial states that the hatchback delivers around 23.1 kmpl.

The new Celerio offers ample headroom and legroom for the buyers. Higher ground clearance is also something that has been typical of Maruti since years, allowing you to navigate over high bumps with ease. The suspension has also been designed as per Indian road conditions, it isn't smooth sailing as anticipated, but indeed is good enough for local conditions. The front grill is smarter than the other current line from Maruti, and features bold headlamps that give it a distinctive look. Furthermore, the external body contours are fairly decent for an economical hatchback, the body-paint and shades offered is also perfectly in-sync with the local conditions.

Though this car isn't fully automatic one, it isn't a fully manual version either. Hence, a recent expected price tag states that the basic version may be available at 3.8 Lahks, wheras a top end may cost around 4.9 Lakhs. Post launch, if this is the price to go-by, we say this car is definitely worth a consideration!

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