Maruti resumes production at Manesar plant - rolls-out first unit of new Swift

Thursday 01 September 2011, 12:49 PM by Vikas Yogi

Indian auto giant Maruti Suzuki has resumed operations at its Manesar plant after a two day halt due the standoff between management and workers. However, the standoff is still not over between both sections. The trouble started on Monday when the company asked its workers to sign a bond of good conduct. The company subsequently on Wednesday rolled-out the first unit of its Swift hatchback from this plant.

In a statement given on Wednesday, the company spokesman said, "The ground work for preparation of resumption of production was laid over the last 2 days and today we have been able to restart production.” He added that the company has managed to produce around 60 cars, specifically a mix of A Star and Swift, and around 500 people are working at this plant. The capacity will then be ramped-up gradually.

In order to normalize the production, Maruti Suzuki has brought in about 120 skilled professionals at the plant. About 290 supervisors and 50 engineers have also been brought from Gurgaon plant to Manesar so that the production reaches to its previous speed. This enhanced workforce will be gradually deployed in phased manner over the period of next few days.

Earlier, on Monday, the company had suspended 21 employees, charging them for sabotaging quality of its cars along with affecting production. The two day standoff has caused a revenue loss of 120 crore along with a production of around 2,400 cars.

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