Maruti Air conditioner supplier Subros Auto Air Condition Ltd cites labor unrest

Thursday 17 April 2014, 14:17 PM by

Maruti Suzuki's major Air Conditioner supplier named Subross Ltd has been entangled in labor unrest situation with over 1,000 employees going on strike following suspension of 29 employees. The suspended employees are facing allegations of deliberately slowing down the production.

As per sources, Subross Auto Air Condition Limited took the suspended employees by surprise when the company transport did not reach the designated pick-up points of the suspended employees. When the employees managed to reach the factory via alternative mode of transport, they were not allowed to enter the premises. Rakesh Kumar, president of labor union, Subross, said, “We learnt that the management had issued suspension letters to 29 employees, including me and the vice-president of the labor union. Ever since the new workers took the membership of the union, the management started leveling allegations of slowing down production.”

The company, Subross Auto Air Condition Limited is capable of producing about seven lakh air-conditioners annually, of which a mojor chunk is received by Maruti Suzuki. Owing to strike, the production has come to a complete standstill. The company had recently hired about 600 diploma engineers for various prosecution sections and were not allowed to join the labor union by the management. Going ahead as a personal choice, the fresh recruits have joined the union as members, this has resulted in management forcing the recruits to leave the union on an immediate basis, to which the recruits have refused to abide to.

Talks to reinstate the suspended employees have been agreed by the management on condition that the suspended 29 employees along with the rest of the employees going on strike, need to sign a Memorandum of Understanding stating that they would not slow down productions henceforth. This has resulted in employees declaring a strike till a conclusion has been arrived upon. Rakesh Kumar, added, “We have asked the district labor department to intervene in the matter and reinstate all employees.”

Source: IndiaToday

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