Mahindra XUV500: A game changing SUV

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Since its launch in September 2011, the Mahindra XUV500 has been immensely popular among Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) lovers in India. Over the past few years, the Mahindra XUV500 vehicle has been awarded a number of titles, such as 'Car of the Year', 'SUV of the Year', ' Best Value for Money Car', 'Viewers Choice Car of the Year', 'Readers Choice Award’ and 'Most Reputed Car'. Some industry experts have said that the Mahindra XUV500 has proved to be a game changer in the SUV segment.

Mahindra XUV500: A game changing SUV |
Mahindra XUV500: A game changing SUV

It is equipped with a 2.2 litre mHawk diesel engine, which gives an output of 140 bhp and 330 Nm of maximum torque. Mahindra XUV500 has been praised for its power, balance and exceptional low rpm. It comes in seven colour options, namely Arctic Blue, Satin White, Volcano Black, Tuscan Red, Moondust Silver, Opulent Red and Dolphin Grey. It gives a power packed performance by achieving a top speed of 175 kmph. The fifth generation variable turbocharger helps it to gain instantaneous acceleration making it clock from 0 kmph to 100 kmph in just 12.5 seconds. It boasts of monocoque construction, in which the body and platform are integrated into a single unit, resulting in effective handling and driving pleasure.

The Intelligent All Wheel Drive (AWD) technology helps in having better control of the vehicle. The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, provided with this utility vehicle, helps in enhancing the convenience of the driver. One of the highlights of this SUV is the GPS navigation system, which covers over 1.5 million km of road spread over 120 cities in India. Incredibly, this system gives voice instructions in Hindi, English and eight other regional languages. This navigation system also includes information regarding ATMs, fuel pumps, movie halls and food joints. The Micro hybrid Technology helps in attaining optimum fuel-efficiency. There is an integrated Driver Information System (DIS) in the Mahindra XUV500 for improving the driveability of the vehicle.

Although, XUV500 is loaded with a number of good features, critics pointed out certain drawbacks and also saw a room for improvement. According to reports, Mahindra & Mahindra has appointed a team of engineers who are working on upgrading the XUV500. These changes are being made to improve on the drawbacks, which might be affecting the performance of this utility vehicle in the long run. Sources close to this development suggest that the braking system, which was a little problematic, has been improved by adding Anti-locking Brake System (ABS) and a brake booster. The clutch operations have been worked upon too, for which the company has joined hands with supplier Valeo, reports have claimed.

Industry experts feel that there will be a drastic improvement in the build quality of this SUV by the elimination of rattles and squeaks. It is also being said that all efforts made by the firm are likely to come good as the vehicle, even with some flaws, managed to perform exceptionally well previously. The refinement in the design and manufacturing of Mahindra XUV500 will help boost its sales. Since the Indian auto market is going from an all time low phase, bringing in upgraded versions of the successful vehicles has helped firms to improve profit margins. Till now, no official announcement has been made about the launch of the upgraded version of the Mahindra XUV500.

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