Mahindra Group inaugurates state-of-the-art facility in Bangalore, unveils a new vision for the auto industry

Monday 27 August 2012, 11:01 AM by

The electric vehicle arm of US $15.4 billion Mahindra Group, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Private Limited (MREVPL), opened the doors of its futuristic manufacturing facility in Bangalore on August 22, 2012. With this move, the auto major inaugurated its first platinum rated auto unit in the country, which is known for its world-class energy efficient and green manufacturing process. The curtains were pulled by none other than the Chairman and Managing Director of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, who stated the company’s vision to develop and design the “future of mobility” in India.

Expressing his views in the ceremony, Mahindra quoted, “We firmly believe that the automobile industry is at an inflection point that will re-shape the way we own and use mobility solutions. This change is being driven by rapidly changing customer needs and dramatic advancements in automotive technologies, including the growing influence of electronics and IT in automobile products and solutions.”

He further added, “We have tried to capture the critical elements where maximum change will be seen, using a framework of 5 C’s. The 5C’s, when seen together, define the ‘future of mobility’. It is important to understand that the 5 C’s don’t just apply to cars but rather to the entire automotive value chain and the ecosystem.”

The auto major has planned to work on a framework of five Cs, which stands for Clean, Convenience, Connectivity, Clever and Cost-effective products. As per beliefs, all these basic elements will enable the auto maker achieve success and establish a strong foothold in the Indian auto market.

Elaborating its basic framework, the company stated that the first ‘C’, Clean, involves the prime elements of company’s production procedure, involving the usage of recycled automotives, which helps it to promote green manufacturing process.

The second object of the company stands at utmost Convenience of customers in the entire line-up of their business dealings. Right from the virtual experience of the model, the same philosophy is followed in the ownership, diagnosing the cars remotely and serviced the models at home as well. The Convenience approach of the auto major is followed at all the aforementioned steps.

According the M&M, the drastic advancement in telematics and such kind of technologies are transforming the soul of Connected vehicles into a reality. The auto maker believes that soon it will connect the models with their owners and thereafter owner connecting with the other owners, finally linking cars to the grid.

The fourth framework of M&M stands at making their vehicles Clever by swiftly integrating electronics and Information Technology (IT) in them. Backed by intelligence, the new models will make the future intelligent by establishing network with the traffic signals, initiating diagnosis of their own and even driving on the auto pilot mode without demanding a human interface.

Last framework designed by the automaker is to develop such advanced vehicles with Cost-effective measures, which will make these futuristic models in the reach of masses. According to M&M, the attempt will drive in development and progress in the country.

Commemorating the designing team of Mahindra Reva on the inaugural ceremony, the Minister for New and Renewable Energy, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, commented, “I congratulate the team of Mahindra Reva and the Mahindra Group for pioneering environment friendly solutions in manufacturing and transportation. I am sure that the new plant and its electric cars will make a significant impact in the days to come. We, in our ministry, are committed to encouraging all such endeavours as shall help reduce dependence on fossil fuels.”

Stressing over the ability of Mahindra Group, the President – AFS, M&M limited and Chairman of MREVPL, said, “EVs are being seen as a serious alternative to fossil fuel driven cars and Mahindra wants to take a lead in developing the EV segment and the surrounding ecosystem. The new manufacturing plant is, in a way the first tangible proof point of the Future of Mobility – this is the first purpose-built, ground-up EV plant in India, the first manufacturing plant to get IGBC platinum rating, the first plant where cars get their first fill using solar power. In fact, this plant will consume the least amount of energy per car build, with 1/3rd of this energy coming from solar power.”

Besides, the auto maker also exhibited a handful of new technologies at the inaugural ceremony, which were all inspired from the innovative vision of the company, future of mobility. Advancements like ‘Quick2Charge’, ‘Sun2Car’ and ‘Car 2 Home’ were showcased by the domestic player. Through its ‘Quick2Charge’ feature, the company states that the electric vehicle can be easily charged in 15 minutes, providing it a potential to cover 25 km. ‘Sun2Car’ advancement is targeted at the optimal use solar energy in vehicles.

Marinara Reva has developed its own charging unit, ‘Sun2Car’, which will offer clean and free energy to the vehicles for the lifetime, reflecting the cost-effective framework of the auto major. Another technology showcased at the event is ‘Car 2 Home’, which will make it possible to power a house using the current from the car.

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