Maharashtra announces decline in taxes imposed on imported and company owned vehicles

Thursday 17 May 2012, 12:19 PM by

The government of Maharashtra has now announced a slash down in the taxes charged on imported and company owned vehicles and will be imposing a tax rate of 20 percent of the cost of the vehicle. Earlier, the taxes were commanded at a rate of 22 percent and 26 percent for petrol and diesel powered vehicles.

The state government of Maharashtra hiked the tax rates on private vehicles that was pronounced with the recently released Union Budget 2012-13. As per the revised rates, the taxes imposed on private vehicles surged by 2 percent and 4 percent on petrol and diesel run vehicles respectively.

The cabinet collectively embarked upon the decision to decline the tax rates as the state transport department reported that in a bid to avoid high tax charges prevailing in Maharashtra, large number of vehicles were being registered in the neighbouring states where the taxes are comparatively lower, thereby pressurizing the state government to impose taxes at a decreased rate on the company owned and imported vehicles.

As per the decision announced, the dip in tax rates on the company owned and imported vehicles will be operative with immediate effect setting off the recently announced tax rates post budget release.

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Set to be launched as an entry level hatchback, the upcoming car will be important for the prospects of the company in the cost-conscious domestic market. Gerard Detourbet is leading the team that is conducting this study; he has been the head of the entry level car strategy for the manufacturer for the past few years. He contributed towards the development of models like Logan, Sandero and the soon-to-be-launched Duster. As per Renault, these cars do not have any unnecessary features, have been designed very carefully and are in sync with the conditions of the markets they are sold in.

Tavares commented, “We could possibly study manufacturing cars below the entry car strategy at an even more competitive price and the guy who has the skills to drive that kind of a programme is Gerard Detourbet.”

He further said that Renault holds the distinction of being the most successful car manufacturer in the entry level segment in the context of design to cost/manufacturing in emerging markets. “Gerard's success and ability to make cost-effective products is very much linked to the Indian frugality. This combination of entry car abilities with the frugality of India works very well,” stated Tavares.

In developing the new car, Renault's Chennai-based engineering centre will prove to be crucial. About this, Tavares said, “People here understand how to design things that meet one's needs perfectly instead of a little bit more or less.” He feels that the company will gain by harmonising the frugality of local engineers and Gerard's skills. However, he understands that this will not be an easy task, but also believes that the model will be ready for many other markets once everything is in the position.

Renault's vehicle will be the second time that it is looking towards small cars after the RE 60 that it assigned to Bajaj Auto. While Nano was the obvious inspiration for this car, the under-development car will be positioned alongside Maruti Suzuki Alto and Hyundai Eon.

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