Made to order Cars by Imperium Automotive

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The British company, Imperium Automotive, which specialise in the customisation of Bentley, have introduced a latest limited edition customisation package on 3rd May 2012 for the recent Bentley Continental GTC. This limited edition package, namely Imperium Audentia GTC convertible upgrade comes just in time for the summers.

Made to order Cars by Imperium Automotive |
Made to order Cars by Imperium Automotive 2

The latest package is an exclusive limited edition upgrade and will be available worldwide in restricted numbers. The special package can be ordered through direct contact with the headquarters of Imperium Automotive, which is based in UK.

Made to order Cars by Imperium Automotive

The new package from the company is made only for the Bentley GTC, which comes with a custom made front bumper sporting a grille, air vents and sporty styled side skirts to make the car look visually close to ground. An all-new slick boot lip spoiler, rear diffuser and newly styled sporty exhaust tips incorporate the modified rear apron layout.

Each component of the Imperium Bentley limited edition upgrade package are produced and designed with precision and expertise, using the best engineering techniques, infrastructure and values. Every single unit of this limited edition package is produced using best ultra light prepreg autoclave carbon fibre.

Made to order Cars by Imperium Automotive 3
Made to order Cars by Imperium Automotive 3

The Imperium Automotive specialise in styling and producing specialised custom made limited edition vehicle upgrade packages for motoring enthusiast, across the world. The company operates from the renowned city of Edinburgh, Scotland in UK.

The company's centre of trade is custom made, one of a kind, beautiful edition of luxury cars, which is made in limited number using the best of British engineering infrastructure.

Imperium works only with the world's most prestigious and luxurious automotive brands and focus upon creating a very special kind of a car by enhancing the original factory design.

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