Lives of passengers in Coimbatore thrown out of gear

Friday 23 December 2011, 12:01 PM by

The lives of Coimbatore residents who rely on shared autos to travel from Gandhi Park to Avarampalayam and visa versa were thrown out of gear on 22nd December 2011. The reason behind the chaotic situation was the protest carried by auto drivers against high daily rent paid to the owners of the vehicles.

The agitated drivers were taken into custody as traffic came to a stand still for some hours on Avarampalayam Road.

"There are 53 share autos plying in the stretch. All the drivers have been operating the vehicle on a daily rental basis after paying a fixed amount to the owner of the vehicles," said K. Kabir, who has been in the profession of driving shared auto from the last seven years.

"However, after fares were increased recently from Rs. 3 to Rs. 5, the auto owners demanded a daily rental of Rs. 1,650, which was an increase of Rs. 500," he added.

Previously, the auto drivers had to give Rs. 900 in the form of rent when the fare stood at Rs. 2. However, the rent hiked to Rs. 1,150 as the fare was increased to Rs. 3. Further, as the fare climbed to Rs. 5, the auto owners demanded a rent of Rs. 1,650 and above.

More than 400 passengers use these autos as conveyance on daily basis and drivers manage to move from one point to another and then return back 20 times each day from morning to evening.

Irrespective of the fight between drivers and owners, it is the passenger who is suffering on shared autos to travel in the city.

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