Life Paint by Volvo Enhances Cyclists Safety

Saturday 18 April 2015, 12:17 PM by

Volvo Cars United Kingdom has launched unique reflective safety paint called the Life Paint. This marvellous introductory paint is invisible by the day and reflects light by night. The primary aim of this paint is to increase the safety of cyclists on roads.

The idea of Life Paints was conceived by Grey London, a creative agency and has been introduced to the market along with Albido100, A Sweden-based start-up. This paint is washable and transparent and can be applied on backpacks, helmets, shoes, clothes, other gear or the cycle itself.

Life Paint by Volvo Enhances Cyclists    Safety |
Life Paint by Volvo Enhances Cyclists’ Safety

Volvo has declared that the new innovative paint is another step towards the safety of those inside as well as outside the car. Volvo has thus strengthened its Intellisafe, an innovative safety system that has integrated some of the most modern technologies in the cars from this company. By the use of this technology, a combination of radar sensors as well as cameras is used to identify other cars, cyclists or pedestrians. If the driver fails to take the necessary steps, the technology aids the car to apply the brakes automatically on spotting such a situation. Also, these work in tandem with the Active Bending Light from Volvo that adjust from left to right according to the steering inputs for a better visibility on the roads for safety while driving at night.

The pedestrian and cyclist spotting system of Intellisafe was the main inspiration behind the Life Paint Project. Incidentally, Intellisafe has been employed in the all-new Volvo XC90. These innovations are a step towards the Vision 2020 of Volvo that is a mission where there should be no fatalities in or by a Volvo. On the event of these innovations getting wide acclaim, they will be launched internationally on various platforms.

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