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        Laser Technology for Car Ignition



        Ford and the Liverpool University have developed a new technology for igniting fuel with the help of laser technology. The new technology of using laser beams to ignite the fuel is more efficient and much simpler than the current spark plug technology. The advantage of this laser technology is that, it will help the car to start faster, especially in cold and damp seasons.

        The new technology is still in testing stage and will pass several stages before it is finally implemented in the modern day cars. The laser rays will concentrate and can be diverted to multiple beams to give multiple ignition points and this in turn will result in better chance of ignition.

        Experts believe that this new technology will not only help to ignite the cars more efficiently but will also enhance the fuel efficiency of the cars. Currently the engines that use the spark plug technology are placed at the top or the bottom which poses difficulties in cold weather. Indian customers may not experience such weather throughout the year but those in the western world will definitely welcome such a technology.