Lamborghini Deimos, the sports car derived SUV by Lamborghini

Thursday 12 April 2012, 10:48 AM by

Lamborghini, the Italian luxury auto maker, is all set to unveil its Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show, which is scheduled at the end of April. This new launch is said to be the successor of Lamborghini’s all time hit Gallardo. In recent times, a group of people were provided with an opportunity to glance at the new SUV from Lamborghini. The company has registered a trademark ‘Deimos’ for this new offering.

In Greek tradition, Deimos represents the symbol of dread, fear and terror. With this name, the company exits its conventional naming theme, which is influenced from the arena of bullfighting. However, this sign is known as a main part of the auto maker’s identity. In order to support this statement, Lamborghini Miura was influenced from a breed of fighting Spanish bulls. In 1947, Lamborghini Islero was named before the Miura bull, which killed a famous bullfighter, Manolete. Moreover, Espada is a Spanish word that recognises sword and is also used sometimes to refer the bullfighter. Lamborghini Jarama is named after a historic bullfighting expanse in Spain, whereas Urraco and Jalpa were also recognised as special breed of bulls. However, the Diablo, Reventon and Murcielago were named following the renowned bulls.

In addition to these, the names of Gallardo and the conceptual Estoque are derived from the glamorous world of bullfighting. However, some of the exceptions exist in the car portfolio of Lamborghini. Models like 350GT, 400GT, Silhouette, Countach and the LM002 are not inspired from the company’s traditional naming convention. To be sure, the devout ancestor of the upcoming SUV and first model with four wheel drive chassis, which are both produced by Lamborghini, will be unveiled in couple of days.

The company is also planning to replace its Gallardo by a new sports car, named Cabrera. This new model from Lamborghini will be introduced in the market by next year. However, auto aficionados have to wait a little for the details of Deimos as it is not sure whether the car will be a simple SUV, a sports car or a new concept.

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