Jaguar unveils Ghost Car and Transparent Hood Technology for driver s aid

Wednesday 17 December 2014, 12:26 PM by

Jaguar Land Rover has just taken technology in cars to the next level, surprising most car experts. Recently, the company had launched the transparent hood technology, which was quite cool. Those fans and customers who were looking for something more will not be disappointed by the new technology that has been introduced by the company. The manufacturer has brought about an all-new transparent pillar technology, which will definitely enthral lovers of automobile technology. Jaguar Land Rover has revealed two of its new upcoming technologies. Jaguar Land Rover is currently working on the 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen, which removes the pillar from the rear angle, thus giving a 360 degree exterior visibility. Apart from this technology, the company has also introduced Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation, which ensures that navigation within complicated and dexterous environments is relatively easier.

Jaguar unveils Ghost Car and Transparent Hood Technology for driver   s aid |
Jaguar unveils Ghost Car and Transparent Hood Technology for driver’s aid

The Follow-Me Ghost Navigation comes with an advanced heads-up display, which involves projection of an image of a virtual vehicle or a ghost, which the driver needs to follow turn by turn, thus manoeuvring through the navigation process. This system comes quite useful in urban conditions, where it is already crowded. This also is helpful for drivers who are visiting a city for the first time. Jaguar Land Rover had recently displayed the Ghost Car concept especially designed for the track.

The 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen, on the other hand, which offers a complete view on the rear side of the car. This has been made effective by a string of cameras, which cover the angles to the exterior of the car. This effectively reduces the blind spot for the driver, where it is not able to view those cars, which come in that particular place while on the road. The virtual screen effectively displays the objects on the blind spot, thus essentially allowing the driver to get a 360 degree view of the rear angle.

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