Jaguar Land Rover records 17 per cent global sales growth in September

Saturday 12 October 2013, 12:08 PM by

Jaguar Land Rover, owned by Tata Motors, reported an overall increase of 17 per cent in its global sales in September 2013. Incidentally, with sales of 43,181 units, September proved to be a good month for the auto company. Notably, September sales for Jaguar Land Rover in China went up by a whooping 46 per cent while sales in North America spiced up by 6 per cent, UK up by 11 per cent and Asia Pacific up by 29 per cent. Other overseas market sales for the auto company were also strong and recorded a growth of 15 per cent, as reported and confirmed by the company officials. If we look at split wise sales figures, in the previous month, Jaguar sold 8,462 units with a growth of 35 per cent due to increased demand for all XF derivatives while Land Rover sold 34,719 units, thereby registering a growth of 13 per cent.

Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover Group Sales Operations Director, while commenting on the company's performance said: "This has been another record month for Jaguar and Land Rover with significant sales growth across all major regions. The XF has delivered a September sales record thanks to an enhanced engine line-up and the introduction of the Sportbrake and the XJ continues to do well, particularly in China and North America.” As the statement made by Goss reflects, this 17 per cent boost in sales in September has a decent shares of XF derivatives, especially XF Sportbrake along with XJ - Extraordinary Luxury.

Earlier in the month, there were news that Jaguar Land Rover will collaborate with Genpact in order to optimise its procurement operations. Genpact reportedly had quoted on this collaboration, “Genpact is helping JLR reduce costs, develop sourcing strategies and minimise the complexity associated with managing the large supply base that encompasses the company's global operations.” The renowned BPO firm while partnering with Jaguar Land Rover will mainly focus on providing extensive business process management and analytic services for efficient procurement operations. The drive will cut costs and also develop sourcing strategies for the auto company. Furthermore, Genpact will also help in streamlining global operations for effective management of the large supply base that encompasses company's operations.

Patrick Cogny, Senior Vice President and Business Leader, Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Services at Genpact, had provided insight of dealings with Jaguar Land Rover, “We are excited to apply our procurement expertise and deep analytical capabilities to Jaguar Land Rover's operations. We combine these strengths to ensure that the right information is sourced, processed, and then injected into Jaguar Land Rover's decision making process to make their operations adaptive to market conditions, globally competitive, and better connected with its supply base.”

Currently, Jaguar Land Rover has ambitious plans for achieving a rapid growth in the global auto market. At present, the company has three advanced manufacturing facilities in UK. Now, the focus is being laid on the developing a first state-of-the-art advanced engine facility at i54 South Staffordshire Business Park with an investment of over £500m. According to sources, the auto company also plans to invest around £2.75bn in its products and facilities by the end of March 2014. Notably, vehicles of Jaguar Land Rover are sold in 178 countries all over the world.

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