Jaguar I-Pace test vehicle spotted testing

Jaguar I-Pace test vehicle spotted testing New Jaguar I-Pace
author image Sagar Bhanushali
Saturday 19 November 2016, 20:28 PM

Fans of the recently unveiled Jaguar I-Pace concept would be keen to know that Jaguar is already running prototypes of this new model. The I-Pace, in fact, is expected to be officially out in production form in 2018.

Jaguar I-Pace test vehicle spotted testing

Jaguar is currently running prototypes with modified F-Pace shells. The brand claims the I-Pace will have at least 450km of range on a single charge and it will be able to accelerate from 0-100kmph in around four seconds. The vehicle will feature a A 90-kWh lithium ion battery between the axles, driving two rare earth magnetic electric motors for a total power output of 395bhp and 700Nm of torque. The I-Pace will be made using an all-new aluminium platform, and the compact size of the electric motors will allow plenty of space in the cabin.

Much of the car’s hardware will come from the F-Pace, including the double-wishbone front suspension and the compact integral link rear suspension. The Lithium-Ion batteries have been developed in-house and use pouch cells for their energy density and efficiency.

Now although we won’t see the I-Pace in production form until the end of 2017, it’s not expected to alter far beyond the show car and the I-Pace name will stick around as well. Jaguar has hinted that it will cost around 10-15 per cent more than an equivalent F-Pace.

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