Italian Nostalgia with the magnificent Ferrari 458

Friday 03 January 2014, 11:10 AM by

The name itself connects an avid sports car fanatic to a distinctive engine firing. The red flaring beast jumps to life the moment you push start the engine, rev the throttle a bit and the heartbeats of even the feeble lot is set racing. Here, we are talking about none-other than the globally acknowledged Ferrari 458 Italia. It has been driven on track, and also it has had a free run on closed roads.

The 458 Italia from the Ferrari stable has been on the Indian roads for sometime now, but only has been driven by a handful lot. To begin with, the interiors of the car resembles the current line from Ferrari. The smartly positioned rev-counter is complimented with a screen for satelite navigation systems and the reversing camera. The steering wheel has been smartly designed with all the required controls for the driver's dispersal. Moreover, its highly responsive steering gives you no room for error. The smallest nuances felt by the car is passed on the driver to give him complete control over this beast. Unlike track cars, the 458 Italia can take bumps with a soft thud sound over moderate rough patches.

The car's response is just as expected – precise, sharp and responding to touch without hesitation. Loose gravel from streets does give an annoying underbelly sound. However, this does not result in loss of traction control. Three digit numbers on its speedometer is no task for this beast and can achieve these numbers just with the second gear. A smoother gear-shift allows you to reach the 9000rpm mark with ease. Vibrations, rumble and pop are almost negligible at high revs. Technologically advanced engine allows for comfortable gear-shifts even at 6000-7000 revs. Even at lower speeds, the car does not produce any rattling or rumbling sounds. In-fact, all you can hear would be a decibel meter friendly roar.

The brakes in this Ferrari 458 Italia builds utmost confidence in its driver. It gives a reliable feel and responds well at the spur-of-the moment's notice. Smartly placed side rear-view mirrors provide ample side-car visibility. This is specially helpful on Indian roads where a two-wheeler or an underpowered truck drives in a fast lane and you need to make sudden lane switches before overtaking them and coming back to the fast lane. In slow traffic too, navigating this mean machine isn't a difficult task. But within concrete jungle limits, this car may be perceived as an outsider!

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