India launched BMW i8 wins UKCOTY 2015

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BMW i8, recently introduced in the Indian market, received the prestigious award for the UK car of the year 2015 (UKCOTY 2015). Not only this, the futuristic i8 from the Bavarian giant also won the UKCOTY 2015 – Performance of the year award. BMW i8 is the second vehicle from the “i” series to be launched in UK after the electric i3. The jury for the adjudication of the award comprised 27 of the best motor journalists from across the United Kingdom.

Speaking on the BMW i8 and its prowess, John Challen, Managing Director of UK Car of the Year Awards, and Editor of, said, “The automotive industry has seen many hybrid models in recent years, but nothing quite like the i8. The term ‘game-changer’ is sometimes overused when talking about new cars, but in the case of the i8, it is totally justified. The latest ‘i’ model completely redefines the performance car segment, and is helped by a hybrid powertrain that is really quite special.”

India launched BMW i8 wins UKCOTY 2015 |
BMW i8

Chief Executive Officer of BMW UK, Graeme Grieve, further added, “The BMW i8 is the culmination of many years of investment, hard work and commitment to create the world’s most progressive sports car. With our first two BMW i vehicles – the i3 and i8 – being named consecutive UK Car of the Year winners, our technology strategy is being recognised as truly game-changing for the car industry.”

One of the most futuristic models to be introduced across the globe in recent times, BMW i8 is the first hybrid supercar to make its way to the Indian market. Not only does it have a colossal price (INR 2.29 crore), BMW i8 consumes approximately 2.1 litres of fuel for every 100 km.

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