Hyundai Verna facelifted variant launched in India

Saturday 31 August 2013, 11:26 AM by

Hyundai, the country’s second largest passenger car maker, has launched the facelifted version of its executive sedan, Verna. Sensing the arrival of festive season in the country, Hyundai has given a new look to Verna, which is expected to lure buyers. The car maker has done modifications at interiors and have enhanced some of the functionalities within the car. As per reports, the recently launched reworked car will be made available to customers on bookings from now onwards. Confined to interiors, these changes are expected to improve the aesthetics.

Hyundai Verna facelifted variant launched in India |
Hyundai Verna facelifted variant launched in India

Industry experts are of a view that the launch of facelifted version of Verna was not anticipated as there had been no indications given by the firm. In the past, car makers have adopted a strategy, wherein they create a hype around a soon to be launched vehicle, which was not the case this time. However, the introduction of facelifted variant of Verna could have been done to boost the sales of the firm in times when the market has been experiencing a slowdown. A trend has been spotted in recent times in which auto makers have launched upgraded versions of their successful models. Also, Hyundai Verna has been a successful vehicle for its manufacturer, earning praise from both experts and enthusiasts. As per industry experts, there are some changes that have been incorporated to attract customers. Hyundai, since the launch of Verna, has managed to perform exceptionally well in sedan segment, giving rivals like Honda City and Skoda Rapid a run for their money.

Analysts have claimed that the new Verna is likely to continue the footsteps of its previous generation version and generate tremendous response among price sensitive domestic buyers. The new Hyundai Verna sedan gets backlit buttons for power windows along with steering mounted controls. Earlier, there used to be three headrests whereas, it has dropped to two in the new model. Interestingly, Honda City and the Volkswagen Vento do not have this feature, thereby this omission is not expected to do any damage to the prospects of the facelifted Verna. Also, the car is expected to provide the same level of comfort and features at the rear that its competitors have on offer.

Main highlights of the facelifted Verna are its newly redesigned alloys wheels, which give this sedan a touch of class. Apart from this, the car maker has removed the spare alloy wheels and has provided a standard steel wheel in place. The base version uses 15-inch steel wheels that is used to change the 15-inch alloys found on the spare tyre. LED lamps have been removed, which has come as a surprise to the car buyers as these headlights were expected to be positioned onto the headlamp assembly. Also, there has been a major change in the bumper, headlamps and side mirrors. The trunk lid of the new Hyundai Verna has been loaded with a stylish spoiler. Along with these changes, the car also features different interiors and seats. Interior trims look stylish with the addition of more colour schemes.

As per reports, Hyundai has made some omissions from the car in order to eliminate the chances of price hike of the new model. This step has given rise to the speculations that the car will be a successful one in the Indian market. At the same time, industry experts suggest that with the new version of Fiat Linea and Fiesta already making news in the market, Hyundai India needed a bit more than just adding backlit buttons to stay ahead in the stiff competition. It would really interesting to see if the recently launched model is able to meet with the expectations and match the success of its predecessor. Point to be noted here is that Verna has continued to dominate its rival in sales charts in its respective segment.

In the new model, the South Korean car maker has not changed anything in terms of engine options and performance remains the same. Also, there are no modifications in the dimensions of the car along with interior spacing and riding performance. It will not be wrong to say that Hyundai India was expected to surprise domestic buyers with more changes, whereas it has done it by not touching most of the important aspects of the Verna.

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