Hyundai Plans to Reach Out to Rural India

Friday 09 May 2008, 00:00 AM by Satish

The rural market in India still remains untapped. Hyundai has launched its new program “Ghar Ghar Ki Pehchan” where it aims to introduce its car to the rural India. The dealers and company officials shall now be reaching out to the government officials and gram panchayats in Indian villages. They shall be introducing its most popular car – Hyundai Santro.

Hyundai launched its latest program on May 1 2008 which shall run till July 31 2008. Hyundai has launched this one-of-its-kind program to reach out atleast 58% of Indian villages that have a population of more than 500 people.

Speaking on the occasion, Hyundai Motor India Sr. Vice-President for Sales & Marketing Mr. Arvind Saxena said: “Nearly 70 per cent of India resides in rural areas, which presents an enormous demand base and a market too huge to overlook. Under the ‘Ghar Ghar Ki Pehchaan’ scheme, our dealers will contact the Panchayats and conduct regular road shows, distributing pamphlets and posters to promote the scheme, and also make the villagers aware about this unique initiative by Hyundai. We are also in talks with a financing institution with a huge branch network to extend easy financing options for the people in rural India.”

Dealers shall be staging continuous road shows and making the car popular amongst the rural dwellers. Currently, this market remains untapped which has a strong purchasing power. Statistics revealed that nearly 50% of the Indian rural market, which includes 220 million households, is potential car buyer in India. It possesses more disposable income due to government subsidies and increase in agricultural productivity in recent past.

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