Hyundai Motor to deliver consistent customer experience via 'Live Brilliant' global brand campaign

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Hyundai Motor Company, the leading car maker of South Korea, has started a new global initiative named 'Live Brilliant' in order to further reinforce its brand management procedures. This new campaign will also help the company realise its vision of becoming the most admired automotive firm in the international arena, even if not the biggest. 'Live Brilliant' will be a follow up to the manufacturer's 'Modern Premium' brand direction, which was launched in 2011. The former will exhibit the way the latter, which is complemented by the 'New Thinking. New Possibilities' slogan, can be rendered in the daily lives of the consumers.

Hyundai Motor to deliver consistent customer experience via
Hyundai Motor to deliver consistent customer experience via 'Live Brilliant' glo

In stark contrast to Hyundai's strategy of launching regional campaigns, 'Live Brilliant' has emerged as its first ever international brand campaign. Under this initiative, the company will deploy the same communication to all prominent markets in order to create a uniform image as a worldwide brand. With this new strategy, which is centred on the bolstered status of the South Korean car maker, it will be successful in conveying the common image of Hyundai across all markets. Moreover, they will also be familiarised with the auto major's 'Modern Premium' values that deliver new experiences and values to the customers in Hyundai's unique ways and exceed their expectations.

Hyundai Motor to deliver consistent customer experience via 'Live Brilliant'

The South Korean automotive giant assessed the characteristics and lifestyles of its customers in order to identify their requirements and expectations from the vehicles they bought. It, then, merged its own goal of attaining the values of 'Modern Premium' campaign and the expectations of the buyers in order to come up with the communication concept 'Brilliant'. In this initiative, the values of 'Brilliant' are illustrated through Hyundai's ability to illuminate the lives of the customers; sunshine and moonshine are used to exhibit shiny visuals in the campaign.

'Live Brilliant' will be executed in April 2012 and will include all media of communication used across the globe. It will hit all markets in a stepwise manner and will not be restricted to television commercials. The company will tap into the potential of print and media to ensure the maximum possible communication with consumers.

Hyundai Motor to deliver consistent customer experience via 'Live Brilliant'  1
Hyundai Motor to deliver consistent customer experience via 'Live Brilliant' 1

Themes named Self, Love, Friendship and Family were shown in the four advertisements of 'Live Brilliant', which have been shot in the short film format. Multi-award winning Director Juergen Bollmeyer has demonstrated lights, cars and beautiful lives in the most mesmerising way in these films. The background music of the four advertisements is the original soundtrack of 'Like Crazy', the acclaimed movie that won the prestigious Grand Jury Prize for the Best Picture at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

Hyundai chose the 2011 North American International Auto Show as the event to unveil its new Modern Premium brand and 'New Thinking. New Possibilities’ slogan. The former is centred on the belief that car customers nowadays look for more in the vehicle that they purchase than just status and additional features simply just for features' sake. Now, they wish to purchase a model that can act as a mode of transportation as well as a 'Life Space'.

The automobile major executed a series of unique marketing activities in order to give a push to its migration towards brand management. This includes the 'Mega Orgel' corporate advertisement, in which 427 stunt drivers come up with an audio piece for the new slogan while driving Sonatas. Due to such initiatives, the company's brand value increased by 19.3 per cent in Interbrand's Best Global Brands 2011 and currently stands at US$ 6 billion. This achievement makes Hyundai the fastest-growing company in the automotive sector.

Incepted in the year 1967, Hyundai Motor Co. (HMC) has expanded into the Hyundai Motor Group and has over two dozen subsidiaries and affiliates associated with the auto industry. Hyundai Motor operates six production plants outside South Korea in countries like U.S., China, India, Russia, Turkey and Czech Republic. It rolled out 4.06 million units at the international stage in the year 2011 and currently employs more than 80,000 personnel across the globe. The company has a portfolio that consists of small to large passenger vehicles, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and commercial vehicles. For more information related to Hyundai Motor and its offerings, individuals can log on to

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