Hyundai Eon likely to emerge as 800s most loyal follower

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It has been 14 years since Hyundai first stepped in the India car market with its most successful car till date, Santro. The car was not just Hyundai’s debut in the Indian market but also posed a serious threat to Maruti Suzuki’s omnipresence as a people’s car manufacturer. The car maker and its first venture in India i.e. Santro, were novice players of the market. However, skilled marketing techniques, along with ace engineering and design, backed Santro to establish itself as a renowned and trusted brand in the country.

Along these years, Hyundai has, with sheer dedication and expertise, left many auto leaders behind to acquire the second place in the Indian car market. Hyundai represents plethora of car segments at the outset. So far, Alto has been a runaway success for Maruti Suzuki due to its design, reliability, performance and pricing. However, Hyundai is believed to be the first car maker to have realised the unparalleled position that Alto has attained in the market. Therefore, before things went out of hand, Hyundai strived to emerge as an all-new, India-specific automobile brand by stressing on the price quotient more than anything else.

Hyundai Eon likely to emerge as 800s most loyal follower |
Hyundai Eon 2011

Hyundai Eon, the latest car from Hyundai’s hamper which is all-set to be unveiled in India, is one such product that would take the India-bound legacy of the car maker to another level. According to experts, the all-new Eon is an ace that renders considerable importance to the boot aspect of the car. It seems that Hyundai has ambushed the rivals in the small car segment by defining the segment in a very unique and unprecedented way. Hyundai Eon would be offered at throwaway prices, ranging from Rs. 2.5 lac to Rs. 3.0 lac.

The price would attract most first time buyers, with excellent features and negligible competition, making it easier for the car to penetrate the market. Although Tata Nano will be more frugal, the Indian consumer also stresses on better value, more substance and style, rather than just the price quotient. Moreover, buyers today have become sensitive to every detail of the car they buy and thus, Eon has bright chances to win the race and become a household name like Maruti 800.

The Hyundai Eon has been provided a completely different platform, which has no reflections of the past designs and features that were a part of Santro and the current sensation i10. The aspect that Eon has aimed to cash on is its stylish exterior, with shades of Hyundai Fluidic’s design platform. It is quite evident that Eon is holding all the aces with the Hyundai design team coming up with the perfect amalgamation of style and comfort. It has surely emerged as a fresh, contemporary and appealing small car.

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