Guide to Custom Car Modifications

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Guide to Custom Car Modifications


Dilip Chabria, a veteran automobile designer revealed the “Cheap” Supercar Avanti at the latest premium automobile event, the Auto Expo 2012, held at Pragati Maidan. The Avanti is a proof of the modernization the automobile scene is going through in India.

Guide to Custom Car Modifications |

Gone are the days when customizing a car just meant sticker and vinyl upgrades. The young generation is exposed to a lot of international automobile designs and trends be it the social media or the “The Fast and the Furious” franchise.

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Car Modification is a serious business and it has been attracting a big crowd. This “crowd” is a part of the generation that is not satisfied with what they possess but instead seek to be unique with their individual style statement.

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To aid our readers more on Custom Car building, we got in touch with Mr. R.K.Ramessh, an Automobile Styling consultant. He has been modifying cars for long and boasts of good experience in it. We ask him all the details and nuances of Car Modification.

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Question: Give brief introduction of your elf. What motivated you for getting into car design?

Answer: Ever since my school days in the 80s, I have been doodling automotive forms in my rough books...I’d never had imagined then, that I would someday let go of a successful IT career, spend all my earnings and more to complete 2 masters programmes at Coventry University - an MSc. in automotive Engineering Manufacturing Management and an M.A. Automotive Design...

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One may call me mad, but this is what I had to go through when I was told that it was not possible for a B.Com grad to get into automotive design/ styling in India. I then completed my Coventry University MSc. Engineering Manufacturing Management degree at M.S.Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies and my second M.A. in automotive design at Coventry University, Coventry U.K.

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The urge to pour my car designing skills into the entire car rather than just a component drove me to start my own consultancy RA Design Studios. I take care of the modification department of an independent multi specialty automotive garage called Sai Colorium at J.P.Nagar 1st phase Bangalore. Sai Colorium is reputed especially for its expertise in panel beating and painting.

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Question: What are the services offered in your service center?

Answer: To elaborate on the services provided here, our modification services are largely in the areas of external sheet metal modifications and interior redesign and execution. Modification may vary from accessories as small as side skirts, spoilers which may start from Rs. 9000/- to makeovers of vehicles which may start from Rs. 180 000/- onwards to Transformation projects which may cost Rs. 3,50 000/- upwards. Custom paint jobs and custom accessories are some of the other services we offer.

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Question: Can you tell us what are the procedures involved which makes it a special one?

Answer: Makeover projects normally changes the front and rear faces of the vehicle apart from a more elaborate side skirt design which may include re-sculpting of the door surfaces. It may be difficult but not impossible in this case to recognize the donor vehicle that has been modified here. A transformation project on the other hand would include extensive sheet metal modifications to almost all the body panels. This in effect transforms the vehicle sufficiently to make it unrecognizable from the original donor vehicle’s shape.

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Question: The detailed procedures like designing, fabrication works, fetching of matching parts, making ensure the fitment is accurate and trouble free makes it a costly affair ?


Answer: Indeed car modification is for the people who won’t mind spending few bucks extra in order to get a car that transforms the car completely from its original version. Modification process is clearly a costly affair. However, it also depends on the different options that customer wants to try. There are a number of options to choose from a normal looking car to a super sports looking machine.

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Question: What could be the encouraging factor a customer to go for car modification?

Answer: The main encouraging factor could be the satisfaction one has with performance of the car but not the design of car. For example a Maruti Suzuki Baleno is an excellent performance car with spacious interiors. However as it is not in production, it looks outdated. As one can see in the photos attached, it has been completely transformed in to sports car design. Only few can make it out that it is a modified Baleno.

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The similar logic can be applied for other cars also. For example Renault Logan, which is decent in performance, interior fit and finish, however lags in style quotient. We customized the aesthetics of the car and converted it into a sports luxury sedan.

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Question: Please tell us more about the Maruti Suzuki Baleno modification procedure.

Answer: The donor car was a Maruti Suzuki Baleno, which had some performance modifications already on it with a free flow exhaust system and a Green performance air filter. It was christened ‘ICEMAN’ by its owner and sounded like a sports car. This coupled with the youthful and light hearted nature of the customer indicated that going with the customer’s love for the American classic Ford Mustang was a good idea. Of course our endeavour is to ensure the uniqueness of the design by simply using the design brief as a starting point. A special point of note in this project was that we developed our own LED tail and indicator lights to add to the overall design flair of ICEMAN.

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The pictures of car modification at different stages gives the bird’s eye view into car modification process.

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Question: What are the difficulties one could face with modified cars?

Answer: The major advantage of car modification is getting huge attention wherever we go. When taken in a crowded place, all start gazing the car. Though it’s a pleasure for the people trying to seek attention, it could be an uncomfortable situation for shy people.

Question: How about maintenance?


Answer: Maintenance of a modified car is as good as the normal one. Only thing is, one has to give considerable attention in handling the car. In case of body repairs, one has to go for the modification of the concerned panel.

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Question: What is your advice for customers seeking modification of car?

Answer: Car modification is an art and art is for the people who love their cars. Those who choose to modify their cars are generally the ones who tend to splurge extra for the improved performance. But the increase in the performance should also be taken care by periodic maintenance. My advice to all would be, getting a car modified is a time taking and expensive affair so make sure you are fully convinced and clear on what you want before divulging in.

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In the above we have tried to provide insight into car modifications. We extend special Thanks to Mr Ramessh and the owner of Modified Maruti Suzuki Baleno. Without their contribution the article would not have given the clear picture of car modification. One can get in touch with Mr.Ramessh for customizing their rides at the below address

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R.K. Ramessh

Styling Design Consultant

Sai Colorium

#642,GM garden, Sarakki Main Road

J.P Nagar,1st phase,Bangalore-560078.

Phone no :080-26631125

m: 95388 02604

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