Government gears-up to launch new energy efficiency star rating for cars

Saturday 01 January 2011, 00:00 AM by Vikas Yogi

In a bid to stipulate strict fuel efficiency norms for cars in India, the government is gearing up to bring in the star labeling system in the automobile sector. The new labeling will enable Indian car owners to know how eco-friendly their car is.

As per the industry reports, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) along with the Ministry of Road and Surface Transport has finalized the Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency, which will enable them to measure the fuel economy of an entire product line of a car maker.

As per a statement given by BEE Director General Ajay Mathur to IANS, "There is a fair degree of movement on standards and labeling for automobiles and the principles on which this will be done have been largely agreed to. So I presume that very soon we should be able to announce the standards and labeling programs for automobiles."

While further informing about the new labeling scheme for automobiles, Mr. Mathur added, "Standards and labelling will be done for automobiles including SUVs, cars, other four wheelers. But it doesn't include trucks and two-wheelers. After we complete this we will start the process of how we can enhance the fuel efficiency of two-wheelers and trucks."

Initially launched by the government in year 2006, the labeling scheme currently covers a range of products including frost-free refrigerators, room air-conditioners, tubular fluorescent lamps, distribution transformer, direct cool refrigerator, color TVs, induction motors pump sets, ceiling fans etc.

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