GM offers repurchasing Chevrolet Volt from customers

Monday 05 December 2011, 12:01 PM by

General Motors has plans to buy back the electric car from Chevrolet Volt owners who are apprehensive about the ongoing government investigation regarding the two post-crash-test fires in the battery of the electric car. This step has been taken in a bid to retain credibility and keep the Volt users satisfied.

Earlier this week, the American auto brand also offered the Chevrolet Volt users loan free cars until the issues regarding the safety are resolved. There were only 33 consumers, out of around 6,400 Volt owners, who availed this offer. Dan Akerson, GM Chief Executive Officer recently confirmed that the auto giant will not refrain from repurchasing Volt if requested by the owner.

Commenting on the buy back offer, Akerson said, “We are considering it. What we're finding is we have an intensely loyal group of Volt owners.” These comments by Akerson were made the very same day when the Chevrolet Volt users were named as the most-satisfied American vehicle owners by Consumer Reports magazine. According to the annual survey conducted by the magazine, nine out of ten Volt owners are willing to buy the electric car again. However, it is important to note that the survey was conducted prior to the commencement of the official government investigation.

Talking about the cause of battery fires, company spokesman, Rob Peterson said, “The crash tests punctured the battery's case. Leaking battery coolant could have caused the fires in the government's undrained Volt batteries.”

Fortunately, no Chevrolet Volt battery fires have been reported by any of the Volt owners till now. Moreover, the company is planning to commence working on modifying the current Volt battery design. With such customer care procedures, GM is trying to overcome the negative publicity Volt has garnered. Although the company was unable to reach the fixed Volt sales target of 10,000 this year, it is certain that the objective will be achieved by early 2012.

Though worried about the impact on the Chevrolet brand, the company is making every effort in order to clear its name and win back trust of customers.

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