Glenmorangie comes to India with a unique initiative, 'Unnecessarity Well Made'

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Glenmorangie, the international brand engaged in making Unnecessarily Well Made Whisky for more than 160 years, is known across the world for crafting one of the famous and finest single malt whiskies since 1843. The company has declared its Unnecessarily Well Made move in India following a venture with Dilip Chhabria, the Indian automotive design stalwart. Glenmorangie is known for reaching unseen lengths in its whisky crafting process and its partnership with the India personality is the evidence of company's international platform which recognises the icons in different fields and their zeal to design unnecessarily creations.

The partnership between the two iconic brands unveiled Chhabria’s passion for detailing and designing, alongside the Glenmorangie's fervor in an automobile masterpiece in a ceremony in Mumbai. The such called model was showcased in the honourable presence of Glenmorangie's Global Brand Ambassador, David Blackmore.

On this creative development, the Marketing Director of Moët Hennessy India, Gaurav Bhatia, quoted, “When the artistic turns into the passionate and the passionate to the sublime - we call it "unnecessarily well made." And it’s this quotient of obsession with beauty and perfection that both Glenmorangie and Dilip Chhabria share. From the tallest stills in Scotland to maturing our Extra Matured Range in hand selected port, sherry or wine casks from the leading vineyards and chateaux of Europe, Glenmorangie is renowned as a pioneer, uniting tradition with innovation. We believe that Mr. Dilip Chhabria embodies our innate need to challenge convention to create a thing of beauty.”

On the creation of a new model for Glenmorangie, Dilip Chhabria commented, “As part of the creative collaboration with Glenmorangie, we are delighted to unveil DC Designs' newest concept car today. In creating this car, I've been inspired by the pioneering spirit of Glenmorangie and its many first's. DC Designs, with its philosophy of mating artistry with engineering has created the 'Unnecessary Well Made' car -- a manifestation of our innate need to shift paradigms in automotive design. It symbolizes Glenmorangie and its 160 years, its thirst for innovation and obsession with beauty and perfection to create the finest single malt whisky. In collaborating with the ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’ initiative, I’ve taken inspiration from Glenmorangie’s effortless commitment to superior craftsmanship and created an automotive work of art that conveys stature, substance and style.”

Along with this, Glenmorangie has started several identical initiatives internationally, including UNNECESSARILY WELL DRAWN, wherein the company appreciated the passion of well-acclaimed graphic artist, Vince Verma, who went unseen lengths for developing the ground breaking illustrations of brand's worldwide advertising campaign - UNNECESSARILY WELL MADE BAR. The initiative was followed with the involvement of designer Philip Michael Wolfson, who transposed the design for Soundform Fluid and sculptured a breadth taking bar for Glenmorangie.

Glenmorangie is a single malt Scotch whisky maker, which was originated in Scottish Highlands. The company's distillery unit is said to be the tallest malt whisky stills of Scotland, which is perfectly matured in finest oak casks. This unit was established in 1843 and is considered as top-most in its field uniting tradition with the passion of creating ‘Unnecessarily Well Made Whiskies.’

The brand has gained a reputation of producing whisky with rare finesse due to its meticulous focus on spirit and details of innovation. However, the process involved in crafting whisky is painstaking and sometimes involve research to unnecessary lengths, in order to provide a superb taste of Glenmorangie.

At its Scottish Highlands' distillery, the brand ensures that the workers use only pure vapours in the spirit. Besides, the brand incorporates superior ingredients in its production process as the local spring water used by Glenmorangie is sourced from its own Tarlogie spring and own grown Scottish barley. These processes are combined with the efforts of craftsmen who abides the same approach followed by the brand throughout its history, which finally results to a spirit of distinction.

Owing to the Glenmorangie's unswerving commitment towards quality, the brand uses its casks only twice, which ensures the whisky absorbs the complete roundest essence from the wood. All these credentials enable the brand to go extra lengths, which makes its products ‘unnecessarily well made.’

Besides, the brand also pays attention at its social responsibility as Glenmorangie advocates bounded drinking habits and suggests that individuals savour Ardbeg and Glenmorangie whiskies according to the advised daily guidelines of alcohol consumptions.

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