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        Get a car for very nominal price by making it a billboard

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        The condition of the Indian auto market is poor to say the least and is showing no signs of improvement. Block closures, low production and fall in demand are some of the most prominent reasons of this crisis. However, there is some positiveness in this situation for Dreamers Media and Advertising, a Pune based company. This firm, cashing in on the crisis, is offering potential vehicle buyers a unique proposal.

        Dreamers Media and Advertising asks anyone who is about to purchase a car to contact the firm. The company, after that, fits a GPS system in the car and covers around 60 per cent of it with advertisements. In return for this, Dreamers Media and Advertising pays the EMIs for three years. However, there are a few clauses and things that need to be adhered to before anyone takes this deal. In the first place, the on-road cost of the vehicle should not be above Rs. 600000. Then, a minimum 25 percent down payment of the car should be made by the buyer.

        Apart from this, the owner should cover a minimum of 1500 km with the car in a month. Industry experts feel that this is not a bad proposition for people who are on the lookout for a small vehicle to drive around in the city. However, some suggest that people might feel awkward while driving around in a car that is covered with advertisements and it would take time to get used to it. Dreamers Media and Advertising said that this offer is applicable for second hand cars, as well. According to the company plans, Dreams Media and Advertising is targeting cities like Delhi, Pune and Mumbai in the first phase of this venture.

        The company is looking forward to achieve a minimum customer count of 15,000 in its first year. After the initial launch, Dreams Media and Advertising plans to expand this venture worldwide and is looking towards increase the customer base to 1,00,000. Vehicles that sign with this program will be under the surveillance through a GPS device, which will monitor the monthly travelled distance. This can be explained as the company's move to ensure visibility for the advertiser. The owner can also be penalised in case the mileage of the vehicle is too low. Dreams Media and Advertising will also conduct random checks at regular periods of interval to check the condition of the vinyl advertising.

        This is being seen as an innovative idea by a lot of experts as advertisements on cars is not new but including the private car segment is. However, there is an element of doubt that is sure to remain in the minds of the buyer. On one hand, he/she will be amazed by the fact that the instalments will be taken care of, resulting in a high amount of savings. But, one thing that might be peculiar is to see a high number of moving billboards on Indian roads.