Geneva 2017 Preview: Eye-candies to look out for

Geneva 2017 Preview: Eye-candies to look out for
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Wednesday 22 February 2017, 17:22 PM

Auto Shows are etched in your memories because of the unforgettable eye-candies. It is not only about the pretty ladies manning the cars but also about the stunningly beautiful cars that make sure even the pretty ladies fade into the background. So we bring to you a list of eye-candies that will certainly make your jaw drop at the Geneva Auto Show 2017.

Geneva 2017 Preview

Italdesign V10 Supercar

The sportscars from the 60s to almost the end of the last century that really made a mark for themselves were either penned by Sergio Pinninfarina or Giorgetto Giugiaro. Giugaro’s Italdesign is now a part of the Lamborghini, VW Group and is out to reveal its own supercar in Geneva. It gets the Huracan V10, the underpinnings of the Aventador and a whole lot of Italian madness.

Pinninfarina Fittipaldi

How could be Pinninfarina be left behind? Well, they are neck to neck with a supercar of their own. Called the Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Grand Turismo, the car is will employ a carbon-fibre monocoque chassis, a carbon-fibre body and V8 engine to keep the weighing scale from tipping the tonne. The teaser images do reveal an outrageous design and you should not miss it.

Zenvo TS1 GT

Zenvo is the Danish take on the whole supercar hullabaloo and the ultra-rare supercar has had its share of fame. Zenvo say the TS1 GT will be powered by a 5.8-liter twin-supercharged V8 engine that produces over 1,150 horsepower and a top speed of, wait for it, over 400kmph. Only 15 TS1s have been built till date so the GT will certainly be unique for quite some time to come.

Tamo Concept car

This one is a home-boy. With Tata Motors engineering a turnaround for themselves in their backyard, just like they did with Jaguar-Land Rover. And so we Indians might get the first real sports car of our own. With partners like Microsoft coming in, we expect a geek fest wrapped in evocative curves that peeked out of the teaser images.

Pagani Huayra Roadster

The Huayra is probably the most beautiful car to be built these days and now we will get to see one in the roadster avatar. And if you thought roadsters are heavier than coupes, you have been taught wrong. Because the roadster weighs more than 50 kg less and then you have the added horsepower from the bespoke turbocharged V12 engine.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Lamborghini claims that this Huracan can better the Porsche 918 at the mecca of supercars – the Nurburgring. This one counts ten cylinders in V belting out close to 640bhp of power. The Performante is the fastest Huracan and Lamborghini will make sure it looks its part with the added aero-props, the rear wing and a whole lot of aggression.

Renault Alpine

Renault had acquired the French race car maker back in the day and since then it is home to the Renault’s performance arm. The Alpine brand was put on the revival list earlier this decade and is now set to grace the roads. The petite beauty is marked by its quad headlamps setup in the front and the rounded lines.

Ferrari 812 Superfast

What could possibly outdo the Ferrari F12? One of the most powerful grand tourer from the stable of the prancing horses will now be replaced by the Ferrari 812 Superfast. If you still can’t guess it, the 812 is even more powerful. It gets a larger 6.5-litre V12 churning out 789bhp of power and 718Nm of torque flying past 100kmph in just 2.9 seconds.

Bentley Continental Supersport

Bentley has built a new generation Continental GT and because it is the fastest Bentley ever, it gets the SuperSport badge. The best part is, despite the all new engineering, the British marque hasn’t left behind its lithic charm, the regal design. While the who’s who will not have to crib about the good old days, we will have a beauty to look out for.

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