General Motors India What do you think?

Sunday 27 September 2009, 00:00 AM by Satish Kalepu

The General Motors Company has been through various ups and downs recently. That has not deterred the company from launching several new initiatives and models in India – or perhaps the various crises were the exact reason why they did that!

Today, we take a look at the various initiatives the company started as well a number of new models launched recently.

The Communication

You might have noticed the large number of advertising activities that the Chevrolet company has done in the last few months. Clearly, GM India is completely geared to rev up its brand image in India. "Our vendors, suppliers, dealers and all our associates are with us. We are now devising new campaigns to convince our customers - 'There for you, there for India'. We may have to increase our ad-spend," GM India President and Managing director Karl Slym had said a few months back.

All General Motors India communications revolved around the point that it remains unfazed by the turmoil faced by its parent company. It promised that it holds a strong foothold in India and will continue to deliver the best passenger vehicles models in India. It promised to continue to grow and expand its base in the Indian market, and indeed various product launches have been happening in the last months.

We are not financial analysts, but indeed, the company is projecting an image of strength. Whether the ‘common man’ now agrees with that view, remains to be seen.

New Products and Schemes

As part of its ongoing communication and brand strengthening, the Chevrolet company has launched a number of new variants and schemes. Moreover, an added focus on alternative fuels has been high on the agenda.

Of the more important new variants, the Spark LPG has surely been high on the list. The company had promised to launch more products powered by alternative fuels like CNG and LPG and the LPG variant of the Spark has proven an important car for those looking for a low priced, fuel efficient car. An electric Spark is also on the cars, so the dedication to alternate fuels seems clear!

General Motors India  What do you think? |

The Company also introduced a number of special editions. For example, in February earlier this year, it introduced the special edition Chevrolet Spark Muzic variant priced at Rs. 3.27 lakh. The car carries an integrated music system and refreshed interiors along appealing to the younger audience.

In July 2009, it launched a special edition of the Chevrolet Aveo with a number of new features and upgraded interiors and exteriors. The launch of all these new variants has kept GM in the news in a positive way.

A new Chevrolet Cruze is coming to India on 12th of October that will be placed in mid-sized sedan segment priced at approximately Rs. 12-14 lakh. Through this, Chevrolet is attempting to enter a new segment which it is presently not serving.

The company had also introduced a buy-back scheme for its Opel cars in India. The existing customers can exchange their Astra and Corsa models for any new Chevrolet cars in India. As part of the scheme, customers will be offered a market price based on the physical condition and model-year of their car for a limited period.

Finally, an important scheme, is the 3 year maintenance scheme which GM now offers on its cars. In this, the company takes care of your car’s maintenance for three years, or 1 lakh KMs, whichever comes first.

Future Plans

General Motors announced in March that it will launch an ultra-cheap car by 2012 priced at approximately Rs. 2 lakh. It has also promised to launch a new small car in the near future in India, by end 2009. The car, which has been called Chevrolet Beat or M300, is a small car, and the company claims it has a “new, innovative” look. It has already unveiled the car at Detroit Auto Show in 2008 and has firm plans to launch the car globally.

The company also targets the SUV segment and intends to bring smaller SUVs along with pickup trucks and mini vans. It will also start its engine production plant at its Talegaon plant in Maharashtra to manufacture engines.

“Get a Gold Coin Promotion”

Presently, in this festive season, Chevrolet offers a gold coin for every Chevrolet car booked. Moreover, the company is offering discounts and free maintenance schemes on all cars booked this month. (We can help you take a testdrive of the car – just fill in the above form.)


It’s clear the Chevrolet company is doing all it can show its strength. We are curious to know how you perceive Chevrolet’s position now. Are there still doubts in your mind? Or are you now comfortable with buying a Chevy car? We look forward to a good discussion!

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