General Motors and Nissan Follow the Recall Path

Thursday 04 March 2010, 00:00 AM by Payal Pathak

If ‘recall’ is the buzz word these days, General Motors and Nissan are next in the queue humming the magic word. There seems to be power steering problems in Chevrolet Pontiacs sold in North America. General Motors intends to recall at least 1.3 million Pontiacs sold in the market to fix the issue. Looking at Toyota’s fate at the hands of US customers, car makers are extra-vigilant about any possible troubles arising in their cars. There have been 1100 complaints from Pontiac customers about faulty power steering which has been looked after by the company.

Nissan also recalled 540,000 vehicles in the global market but mainly in the US market to address issues related to brake pedals and fuel gauges. The brake pedal recall affects 179,000 vehicles in the U.S. and about 26,000 in the Middle East, Canada, Russia and several other countries.

According to the industry experts, the Toyota issue in the American market will lead to new safety norms and stricter implementation of the same in the country. The US Congress also discussed the issue whether the Transportation Department's safety division failed to hold the company accountable for big safety problems that have been linked to 52 deaths.

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