France sets target to be rid of diesel and petrol power by 2040

France sets target to be rid of diesel and petrol power by 2040 New Renault
author image Desirazu Venkat
Friday 07 July 2017, 18:57 PM

Adding hope to the fate of the Paris Climate accord, France has announced a grand plan to be rid of diesel and petrol powered cars by 2040. The move is a significant step in its pursuit to be carbon neutral by 2050. The plan was announced by their environment minister Nicolas Hulot, yesterday.

The European nation has a big task ahead of it in the pursuit of this goal as currently in France, the ratio of electric and hybrid vehicles is quite small as compared to vehicles powered by conventional fuel sources. Come 2040, this trend will have to be reversed to meet the goal that the country has set. The three major French manufacturers, Peugeot, Citroen and Renault are already working towards this bigger goal with a plan to convert 80 per cent of their range hybrid or fully electric by 2023.

However, it is still unclear if the ban or removal will be retrospective and include a programme where there will be official support for the removal of older cars in favour of newer and cleaner models.

For a country like France to take such a huge step is a positive move in favour of preserving the earth for the future generations as well tackling current pollution issues. There is no doubt that the hybrid and electric revolution is coming. Its ascent has been enabled in recent times by issues like the dieselgate saga which have shown conventional fuel cars in a lesser light.

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