Ford to offer select models with the new 'Adaptive Steering' effective 2015

Friday 30 May 2014, 16:28 PM by

Ford India will be introducing a newly developed steering technology, christened ‘Adaptive Steering’ in its vehicles. The new generation steering technology will enable the vehicles to offer easy movement at low speeds and confined spaces. On the other hand at high speeds, the new steering technology will probe the vehicles to be more responsive. It also interminably alters the steering ratio with change in vehicle speed, resulting in improved steering response. The adaptive steering will come affixed in few vehicles only effective 2015. Ford has developed the new system in association with Takata, a renowned supplier of automotive steering and safety systems and Ford Aligned Business Framework partner.

Company claims that the Adaptive steering modifies the ratio between the driver’s actions at the steering wheel-number of turns and the degree at which the front wheels turn. However, the old steering technology offered a definitive steering ratio and hence it could not be altered.

Ford to offer select models with the new
Ford to offer select models with the new ‘Adaptive Steering’ effective 2015

While parking the car or driving in narrow lanes, the adaptive steering will enable to vehicle to be more responsive when taking a turn as it requires less turning of the steering while doing that. Similarly, when vehicle is being driven at high speed, it adjusts accordingly to be more agile.

The company’s system uses a precision-controlled actuator that is placed inside the steering wheel and it does not demand any change in the car’s conventional steering system. Actuator is essentially an electric motor and gearing system that balances the driver’s steering inputs, it can either increase or decrease the steering inputs by the driver. This in turn offers an improved ride quality across speeds irrespective of the size of the vehicle.

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