Ford SYNC-How it Works?

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Introduced in global markets in 2007 by Ford, SYNC is a communications and entertainment, voice activated system that runs on Windows embedded automotive operating system constituted in partnership with Microsoft.
In India, the feature was inducted in 2013 in EcoSport and is currently also offered in successor model of Fiesta sedan launched recently in India. Ford’s specially crafted Microsoft Auto software operates with any MP3 player or Bluetooth available on mobile phone and is connected automatically to the paired phone as soon as engine starts.
SYNC can be paired with multiple phones inside the car, however, one phone can be made favourite so that SYNC connects to it automatically in case there are more than one paired phone inside the car.
Ford SYNC-How it Works? |
Ford SYNC-How it Works?
A 3.2 inch wide screen is incorporated inside the cabin on the centre console where settings and current SYNC status and mode can be seen. Ford has instilled a microphone flush-mounted close to the rear view mirror that enables SYNC to listen to voice commands.
Occupants can make calls totally hands-free through SYNC, it also allows using various other features available on phone. Calls are automatically transferred between SYNC and users’ handset as soon as engine is ignited or put to rest.
Other functions that can be curbed through SYNC include operating media player while MP3 player is plugged into USB outlet, streaming music wirelessly from Bluetooth in phone or music player. Text messages on phone can also be read via SYNC, besides it also permits to connect to some of the applications available on smartphone. Contacts can be downloaded automatically from phone while you are behind the wheels, though it does not store contacts therefore your personal information remains secure. Incoming calls can be answered without use of hands. SYNC media hub comes with USB and auxiliary outlet, phone and media player can be recharged by plugging it to SYNC’s USB port while driving.
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