Ford Launches its Small Car in India Today

Wednesday 23 September 2009, 00:00 AM by Satish Kalepu

This may come as a surprise but Ford, Alan Mullaly, will unveil the car in Delhi today.

According to the sources, the small car is extremely well suited for the Indian market and it is very spacious compared to other cars in the segment. Ford has also ensured cost-cutting at every stage which makes the car extremely competitive.

“From an India perspective, from where we are right now in terms of market share, we want to at least quadruple it,” Michael Boneham, president and CEO of Ford currently ranks fifth largest auto maker in India and is working extensively to expand its market share. Its small car in India just before the festive season is yet another step towards its goal.

“Small-car sales already make up 70% of car sales in India, and this is only likely to grow as more two-wheeler owners start moving to cars,” said Puneet Gupta, an analyst at CSM Worldwide Inc., a forecasting firm.

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