Ford Launches International Limited Edition Fiesta Model

Tuesday 20 October 2009, 00:00 AM by Rishi

The US carmaker Ford has launched a limited edition model of one its most popular cars Fiesta in the US market. It is the first special edition model of Fiesta which is based on Titanium-spec Fiesta. It will produce only 400 units of the new special edition model that carries premium leather Individual Series interior done in red and silver. Ford is offering Individual Series interior option after witnessing the success of customization options offered by Mini and Fiat 500.

“We have sold more than 100,000 Fiestas in its first year and we know our customers like to personalise their Fiestas,” said Ford’s Mark Simpson. “The new line up with the Individual special edition will help them achieve this.”

The car is mainly targeted towards the young audience and has been introduced to infuse sales. “We’ve gone for a funky interior,” said a source. “The special edition is the most premium Fiesta around but we’re still pitching it a younger audience,” says Ford. Other features included in Ford are 16-inch alloy wheels, full Bluetooth and iPod connectivity.
Ford Launches International Limited Edition Fiesta Model |

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