Ford launches Innovative E-Bike MoDe: Pro

Monday 09 March 2015, 13:01 PM by

Ford Motor Company has launched a new e-bike MoDe: Pro, which can take over pedaling when the rider is tired. This e-bike stole the limelight at the Mobile World Congress as it is capable of being paired with a heart-rate sensor. At a specific heart rate, this bike is capable of kicking in, providing information that the rider is getting tired.

MoDe: Pro comes equipped with a 200W motor, generating a speed of 15 miles per hour. It features a 9Ah battery that allows it to be continuously used for an hour and half. The company’s new commercially developed multi-mode transport system has the capability of being paired to a voice-activated application to keep a check on the charge remaining on the bike. Apart from this feature, some other things that can be done using this app is route planning, access bike tracking and delivery scheduling.

Ford launches Innovative E-Bike MoDe: Pro |
Ford launches Innovative E-Bike MoDe: Pro

The handlebar of this e-bike acts as good navigation system. If the rider needs to turn right, the right handlebar starts vibrating. Moreover, turn signals are present on the ends of the handlebar. Apart from this, the handlebar also functions as a proximity sensor as it starts vibrating on coming close to another vehicle. Interestingly, the bike can be easily folded up and tossed into a van. In order to offer ample storage space, modular boxes have been provided on the tail-rack. Its easy mobility has the potential to appeal to delivery services, couriers, municipal services and tradesmen.

The innovative e-bike comprises two tone horns, among which one is gentle made for pedestrians only. The other one, which is slightly louder, is meant for traffic; however, it is currently on standby. It is being reported that the company will work on the customers’ feedback and then release it on a mass scale.

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