Ford is looking at increasing spare parts transparency

Thursday 11 February 2016, 15:14 PM by

Ford Motor Company is looking at increasing the transparency for spare parts and service of Ford vehicles. Claimed to be an expensive brand to maintain, Ford India is looking at bursting this bubble. Ford claims that it has one of the most affordable vehicles when it comes to service and spare parts cost. The company has started a section on its website that helps a Ford customer to understand the maximum possible cost for his or her vehicle’s service.

Ford is looking at increasing spare parts transparency |
Ford is looking at increasing spare parts transparency

The buyer has to fill in some set of details like city of living, model name, year of make, kilometres driven etc. and it shows the maximum price that the service will cost. The company has considered several parameters for this and Ford is now working towards making its spare parts available even outside a dealership. So, if a buyer purchases a Ford vehicle, he will not have to worry getting it serviced only through a dealer. Spare parts can be purchased from most of the auto spare parts stores and Ford confirms that soon it will be made at almost all stores. What is more, the spare will retain the warranty that is offered on it, with regards to certain set of terms and conditions that will be applied on it.

The company had introduced child parts strategy to increase the localisation in 2010 with the first-generation Figo and now with the new Figo, the company is working at making the parts accessible outside the existing Ford dealerships. The Ford Endeavour has about 20 percent of localisation and the company is even looking at increasing this percentage further, confirmed Anurag Mehrotra, Exec. Director, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford India.

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