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        Ford India's innovative strategy to use Child Parts reduces the cost of ownership

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        The Indian division of Ford Motors is striving hard to reduce the cost of ownership of its models, which is being considered as an important part of customer satisfaction. One of the great ways through which the American auto maker reduces the cost of ownership is the innovative use of Child Parts. Child parts, in simple words, are the broke down components of an assembly, which helps the company to enhance reparability of its models. Interestingly, this practice has helped the car maker to just replace the Child Parts in any serious case of breakdown, instead of replacing the entire assembly.


        Ford India's innovative strategy to use Child Parts reduces the cost of ownershi
        Ford India's innovative strategy to use Child Parts reduces the cost of ownershi

        It must be noted that Ford Figo comes with replaceable door skin, which has significantly reduced the cost of ownership for its owners. The company has created a unique design of the door by putting a replaceable skin on the door frame. Owing to this, in any case of minor damage or dent to the door, the company officials just replaces the skin instead of changing the entire closure assembly, which makes the repair and maintenance a cost effective affair. With the incorporation of Child Parts philosophy, the major achievement has been also been gained in the piston assembly. Earlier, in case of any issues in the piston assembly, the complete short block assembly needed to be changed, as it can be now replaced separately by looking for the actual default in the piston, rings, pins or the connecting rod.

        Coming to the development in alternator assembly, earlier when an alternator breakdown, the owner of the vehicle was asked to purchase a complete alternator. However, the auto maker has now broke it into a number of small parts, which now facilitates it to change the specific component if an alternator fails. The exterior mirror assembly has also achieved significant change with the introduction of Child Parts. Reportedly, it has been a standard practice to replace the complete mirror assemble in Ford models in case of damage to the cover of the mirror. However, one can now separately change the damaged mirror cover, without paying for the whole assembly and the new mirror.

        The introduction of child parts strategy has facilitated a lot to the American auto maker in reducing the cost of ownership of its models for the price sensitive Indian buyers. Apart from this, the auto maker has been working hard to manufacture its vehicles locally, which also reduces the cost of ownership, instead of importing the components and then assembling them in India. It must be noted that all the advanced models of Ford India are equipped with high level of localisation. One of the Ford's best sellers, Figo hatchback is offered with 80 per cent localised components, which facilitates it to deliver an overwhelming value to its buyers.

        Along with this, the auto maker is mulling to expand its footprints in the country by introducing new dealerships, Road Side Assistance and Mobile Service vans. Currently, the auto maker has been rejoicing with 18 showrooms in the eastern region, along with 260 sales and service points in 138 cities of the country. It must be noted that the first exclusive dealership of the auto maker was inaugurated in Sikkim and the car maker has witnessed more than 40 per cent of its sales and service network growth from tier II and III cities.

        With quite a few innovative changes in technology, design and expanding its service network to the most distant points of the country, Ford India has actually made it possible for the buyers in Tier I and II cities to drive an advanced car without worrying of the high cost of ownership or looking for a nearby service station.

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