Ford Fusion Hybrid Models have Braking Problems

Saturday 06 February 2010, 00:00 AM by Payal Pathak

While Toyota Motor Corp. continues to grapple with its brake problems in its hybrid model Prius, Ford came forward to face the same issue in its Ford Fusion hybrid models. 17,600 Ford Fusion hybrid models that were built before October 17, 2009 may have software glitch leading to braking problems in the cars.

The US senate has formally opened an inquiry in Toyota case following various consumer complaints. Consumers also alleged that Toyota had not informed the customers beforehand that there may be suspected braking problems in its hybrid model Prius. Ford took the lead in its case to formally announce it would fix the problems as it had known about the problems for few months now. The braking problems arise due to software problems which lead to loss of braking as the cars shifts unnecessarily from regenerative braking into conventional model.

"The fact that the pedal goes away is I think for many people very disconcerting, but the fact is if you push hard you do go in to full braking," said David Champion, director of Consumer Reports' auto testing center.

Ford stated that it will upgrade the software in its models and notify its customers via email when the upgrade is available.

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