For R&D, Piaggio brings a Hybrid 125 Scooter in India

For R&D, Piaggio brings a Hybrid 125 Scooter in India
author image Roger Dsouza
Friday 16 January 2015, 12:25 PM

While many of us are quite used to simply look at unadorned Jane 2-wheelers, this probably may perhaps come as an extremely interesting product for the bikers. Piaggio has now imported a unit of 3-wheeled vehicle - MP3 Hybrid 125 scooter - to India for its testing and R&D (research and development) purpose. The MP3 Hybrid 125 is actually a three-wheeled vehicle that is presently on sale in Europe. It comes by means of an electric and petrol motors, which cumulatively generate 17.5 BHP of maximum power in it that differentiates from anything and everything we have ever seen on the streets of India than before. While Piaggio is doing retail business in India of the Vespa scooters, it will however not launch the MP3 Hybrid Scooter in India at present, at least.

Piaggio Hybrid 125 Scooter

Some Unique Features of MP3 Hybrid 125 Scooter:

  • 3-wheeled scooter

  • Alloy wheels

  • Alloy four-sided figure front suspension geometry

  • Big front windscreen

  • Twin headlamp setup

  • Front and rear disc brakes (which is 3 in totality)

  • Bigger seats

  • Digital and analogue gadget cluster

  • Tiny storage basket place behind the passenger seating

While the market of Indian scooter is experiencing something exponential development in sales, but it’s still far away from acknowledging a quality price label and high-tech machinery on a scooter. Even though it is being launched in the country, the Indian market is still not enough grown-up for an exclusive product like MP3 Hybrid Scooter, which will simply cost more than a lakh. On the whole, pricing on the other hand would be considerably high than any other two-wheeler scooters in India, which could outcome in an exceptionally miniscule sales figures if being launched.

Nonetheless, Piaggio’s R&D division might now look into the hybrid technology that is being engaged in the scooter and that might make on its future contributions.

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