First Tyre dealer to bring international best practices by using the latest torque wrench (meter) for the 1st time in India

Monday 01 March 2010, 00:00 AM by Satish Kalepu

Imagine if the bolts of your car wheels were made of rubber. If you dint tighten them enough you are in danger and at risk of the wheel slipping off during a drive. If you tighten them up too much they will simply break. Sure your wheels aren’t held on your car with rubber bolts but one should remember that the metal bolts used on your wheels function almost the same way!

Alternately imagine you have encountered a flat tyre and are not able to unscrew the bolt on the tyre because it is too tight !

To add to essential tyre safety, Siremull Hirachand’s “Tyrestore” introduces the Torque Wrench (Meter) which is used at the end of a tyre change process to ensure that the wheels are tightened optimally for safety. Torque is the amount of pressure used to tighten the wheel nuts.

The Technology:

When you install the bolt in an application and begin to tighten it with a wrench it begins to stretch and load up a force along its length. Just like a rubber bolt, if you tighten a metal bolt too much it will break the bolt (and/or damage the application), but if it's not tight enough it will not have the proper preload to hold the application together. You could just tighten up the bolt as much as you can, but in most cases an engineer has calculated how much "give" should be between the bolted surfaces to assure minimal wear and maximum application life in whatever bumpy, cyclic environment the bolt is designed to be used. The term torque is used to describe the amount of pressure used. The answer to achieving the proper amount of preload is to use a torque wrench, and just as importantly to use it correctly. All tyres for any vehicle should be fitted using the proper torque, in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

The main advantages of the Torque Wrench (Meter) being:

  1. Safer drive during high speeds
  2. Confirming to international best practices
  3. Confirming to Manufacturers specifications
  4. Ease of removal of bolt from wheels during a puncture by self
  5. Ensuring longer bolt life

Tyrestore continues to bring international best practices in tyre safety to car enthusiasts in Chennai. Our customers and car enthusiasts from Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Karnataka and Kerala can now continue to enjoy the benefits of the latest international technology in tyre servicing enjoy a safer drive, ensure that their new generation tyres and wheels are safely/professionally handled and are....... treated with respect!

Therefore.......We treat your tyres and alloy wheels with respect to ensure a safer ride!

“The introduction of torque Wrench (Meter) is an addition to our innovation that we want to offer car enthusiasts and owners alike and want to delight them with the latest international best practices/technology and best quality service for their new generation tyres”

About Siremull Hirachand’s “Tyrestore”, Greams Road, Chennai

Being the only tyre dealer using this latest technology in the whole of India, with over 60 years of experience in tyre retailing and having sold over 2 lakh car tyres in Chennai, Siremull Hirachand’s “Tyrestore” always strives to be 'a generation ahead in tyre service'.

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