Ferrari Roars to be Heard In India Soon

Monday 14 April 2008, 00:00 AM by Satish

Ferrari is Italy’s most popular brand for cars. It sells its cars more on ‘wow’ factor rather than their price, sales figures or revenue generation. This company offers unique designs and exquisite interiors of the car which are flagship of its brand value.

The company is obsessed with its legacy and this has made the auto company to develop a cheaper and smaller car to the rising demand of the developing nations.

“We want to remain an aspirational brand associated with our niche clientele. Our prime target is to maintain exclusivity,” Davide Kluzer, Ferrari spokesperson. Cars from Ferrari are never for mass consumption. They are known for their exclusiveness.

Although Ferrari has no plans to launch any car in India soon, however, it has already started its studies of the Indian auto car market. According to Kluzer, the company marks India as one of the top booming economies along with China, Brazil and Russia. Its current biggest market is North America that accounts for more than 30% sales of the company.

Kluzer is in India as a part of Magic India Discovery which is spanning 57 cities of India in 74 days as a convoy of 10 cars out of which there are two 612 Scagliettis, flagship Ferrari model.

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