Ferrari Hybrid Vehicle at the Geneva Auto Show

Tuesday 02 March 2010, 00:00 AM by Payal Pathak

Ferrari has announced that it will finally unveil its hybrid vehicle at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show. Ferrari will introduce hybrid variant of Ferrari 599 which is expected to showcase the all-wheel drive hybrid propulsion system rather than the battery-electric system. The company has not revealed many details about the car but states that “the car will represent a great path toward the future.”

Ferrari Hybrid Vehicle at the Geneva Auto Show |

The vehicle will employ Ferrari’s famous V12 engine supplemented by the KERS system. The KERS setup captures energy from braking to charge the batteries. The batteries along with the electric motor allow for added power during short stints of high acceleration driving.

Ferrari 599 GTB was first showcased at the Geneva Auto Show 2009 and since then it was widely rumoured in the auto circles that Ferrari would launch its hybrid model some time soon. The new hybrid train will improve the efficiency of the model by at least 30 percent. However, Ferrari intends to continue developing other technologies that make its models more fuel efficient. Ferrari is working diligently on technologies such as cylinder deactivation, automatic start-stop and electrically-power auxiliary systems.

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