Features that set apart MINI from its contemporaries

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MINI, the British automotive marque owned by the German automotive giant BMW, has been regarded widely as one of the most popular and largest selling cars of the world. However, most of the car aficionados across the world don't exactly know what makes unique features up the real MINI!

Features that set apart MINI from its contemporaries | CarTrade.com
Features that set apart MINI from its contemporaries

The MINI Countryman is the first such car to be launched under the Mini marque by BMW and possesses some revered European NCAP end results. For instance, the Countryman scored the maximum possible five stars in final results of Euro NCAP crash test, besides the protection level for the driver and passengers has been rated excellent in front, side and pole impacts. The MINI Countryman also received stupendous ratings in terms of child safety.

Among the cherished and most admired security attributes, the MINI products feature not just Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) system, but a state-of-the-art Cornering Brake Control (CBC) as well. The CBC along with ABS, EBD and Brake assist delivers maximum braking force, besides ensuring shortest possible shopping distances.

Those familiar with the Overboost function available in the MINI Cooper S Countryman, will know what power the car can deliver within a span of micro seconds. The incredible function gives the car a temporary boost from 240 Nm to 260 Nm, without allowing its 1.6 litre twin scroll turbocharged engine to break into a single drop of sweat. The system momentarily increases the turbo pressure and quantity of fuel injected in the engine, thereby delivering more power during quick overtaking manoeuvres along with ensuring enhanced safety.

The MINI Countryman S features Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) as a standard and an optional Dynamic Traction Control (DTC). DSC also includes Hill assist, actually functions by contravening the incipient loss of grip by interrupting the engine management and applying brakeforce to individual wheels at the front or rear ends, as per the requirement and situation. The DTC comes with an Electronic Differential Lock Control (EDLC) and they both entail the driver with an option to yield more of car's natural handling, which is achieved by delaying the engine management interruptions and braking until the last possible moment.

Last but not the least, another captivating feature of the MINI cars is the inclusion of the highly thoughtful Dynamic Braking Lights (DBL), which alerts the following drivers behind by enabling them to react to the dangerous and demanding situations quicker. Usually, under normal braking, the light works like any other car but if the driver performs an emergency braking act, then the DBL starts flashing instantly so as to indicate the following drivers that some immediate braking is taking place and he better be extra careful. The automatic and smart activation of the cautionary DBL significantly reduces the risk of an impact from behind.

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