Features that make Renault Scala unique in its segment

Features that make Renault Scala unique in its segment New Renault Scala
author image Roger Dsouza
Tuesday 04 November 2014, 12:31 PM

The tag of Renault is enough and needs no explanation in terms of quality and build. Renault Scala fulfills that benchmark of high quality along with providing some other features that make it a unique sedan.

Renault Scala

The Electronic System: Everything in Renault Scala has gone electronic. The steering mounted controls along with the electrically foldable mirrors; Electronic Brake Distribution, etc. makes it stand out from a few other cars.

Engine: Renault Scala comes with a 1.5L petrol as well as diesel engine, as per customer’s requirement, with the latter variant priced higher than the former. This 1.5L dCi engine provides high efficiency and mileage.

Safety: Renault is the best when it comes to the safekeeping of its customers. In this sedan too, proper work on the safety has been provided. ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) which prevents the chances of skidding and also provides high efficiency, are present in this car along with the electronic air bags, which sense any sudden jerk and deploy for the safety of the people inside the car. Besides this, other general safety options are already present in the sedan.

These few features sure do make their contribution in making Renault Scala unique in the markets. The other features as to why people buy this car include the smooth drive this car has to offer, making it suitable for long rides, Brake Assist, pre-loaded Central Locking System, Power Steering and the Rear Centre arm rest which is not too common in this price range. The range of Renault Scala lies between Rs. 7.2 lakhs for the base model and Rs. 10.6 lakhs for the high end models with maximum amount of features.

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