Despite unfavourable market conditions Ford India attained steady sales

Monday 04 June 2012, 01:26 AM by

In spite of market challenges like increased price of petrol and higher interest rate, Ford India managed to attain decent sales in May 2012. The company’s total sales, which comprises domestic wholesale and export vehicles, has been reported 7,729 units.

Since January 2012, the company exported 11,224 units out of which 1,693 vehicles were exported in May. This pushed the growth of the company by 54%. From January to May 2011, 7,281 cars were exported by the car maker. At present, the company exports its cars to 35 international destinations. Compared to 7,046 wholesale units in May last year, 6,036 units were sold by Ford India in the domestic market in 2012.

Michael Boneham, president and managing director, Ford India, said, “Despite the challenging market conditions, Ford is confident in the long-term future of the automotive market in India. We will continue investing to expand manufacturing and retail capacity in order to bring more great value-for-money, fun-to-drive, fuel efficient vehicles to India.”

Boneham added "We are working to offer more diesel vehicles to keep up with increased demand. We have increased capacity at our Chennai Engine Plant to 340,000 engines with an investment of USD 72 million that will be commissioned very soon.”

On May 13, Ford India organised a one-day-one-night Midnight Sales event and welcomed many customers into its dealerships, which remained open till midnight starting from 8 am. The main motive of the company was to provide an opportunity to the customers to purchase a car at their convenient time. During the event, attractive offers were provided on all Ford cars.

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