Demand for commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and three wheelers decline

Thursday 10 October 2013, 11:51 AM by

The Indian auto industry has produced 1,816,316 units in total, including passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, two wheelers and three wheelers in the month of September 2013, reporting a growth of 8.57 per cent. In the same period last year, 1,673,006 units were manufactured. Interestingly, this growth was mainly driven on account of the demand for two-wheelers. The total domestic sales reported between April and September 2013 period increased by just 1.18 per in comparison with the last year's figures. Reportedly, this growth was again mainly driven by the two wheelers.

Along with, the demand for passenger vehicles reduced by 5.15 per cent during April-September 2013 period in compare with the figures of 2012. In passenger vehicles segment, the demand for passenger cars dropped by 4.67 per cent, while sales of utility vehicles and vans dropped by 4.79 per cent and 9.8 per cent, respectively. During the period, the entire commercial vehicles segment came up with a fall of 15.32 per cent in April-September 2013 as compared to the same period last year. The sales of medium & heavy commercial vehicles reported a dip of 25.22 per cent, whereas the demand for light commercial vehicles also fell by 9.61 per cent.

Between April and September 2013 period, the sales of three wheelers declined by 4.38 per cent under the review of same period of last year. The demand for passenger carriers and goods carriers reduced by 4.04 per cent and 5.91 per cent, respectively. The sales of two wheelers reported a growth of 3.51 per cent between April and September 2013 period in comparison with the figures of year-ago period. In two wheelers space, the demand for scooters and motorcycles expanded by 16.59 per cent and 0.88 per cent, respectively. The sales of Mopeds fell by 10.78 per cent between April and September 2013, in comparison with the figures of year ago period.

During the period, the total exports of Indian auto industry expanded by 4.54 per cent. The shipments of commercial vehicles and two wheelers dipped by 19.08 per cent and 0.35 per cent, respectively. On the other hand, the exports of passenger vehicles and three wheelers achieved a growth of 13.7 per cent and 29.89 per cent respectively.

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