Compressed Air Car from Tata

Tuesday 06 January 2009, 00:00 AM by Rishi

Dubbed as Minicat, Tata Motors is getting ready for a new car that runs on compressed air. This means that the Indian auto-maker may offer a “zero emission” passenger vehicle to the world after launching the world’s cheapest car. The car runs on compressed air that pushes the pistons instead of fuel combustion. The company indicated a range of 300 km or 186 miles between the two fill-ups which may cost around Rs. 80-90 in India. It will give a top speed of 65 mph.

Compressed Air Car from Tata |

Tata Motors is India’s leading car manufacturer that launched the world’s cheapest car last year. It is ready to roll out its first batch on the Indian street this year from its Pantnagar manufacturing unit in Uttarakhand. The car has already given the test drive in the hilly terrains of Himalayas in Chamboli district and has also passed ARAI tests. The company shall begin full production next year when it completes its new plant in Sanand in Gujarat.

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