Climbkhana: Top four facts about Ken Blocks Hoonicorn V2

Climbkhana: Top four facts about Ken Blocks Hoonicorn V2 New Ford Mustang
author image Desirazu Venkat
Tuesday 26 September 2017, 21:05 PM

The Block has returned and this time he has hustled his 1965 AWD Ford Mustang around the legendary Pikes Peak Hill Climb- sideways of course. He is the genius behind the wheel but it’s the Mustang a.k.a ‘Hoornicon’ which is the hero and has now been brought into a new generation called the V2. Here are the top four facts about the new car.

1. In the first generation the Hoornicon’s 6.7-litre Roush designed V8 produced 845bhp and now with two turbochargers as well as steady stream of methanol, it now produces 1400bhp and an equally high amount of torque.

2. The overall design has not changed and it still looks as crazy as the first time we saw it. You get these large 21-inch wheels, forward heavy design and now colours of the American flag on the hood and engine block.

3. It is all bare bones inside as most of the cabin is functional. You get a lever-style handbrake, digital instrument cluster and two seats- one for Ken Block and one for him to invite someone to be scared silly.

4. In the video Ken, makes his way up the Pikes Peak while spinning, difiting and even trying to replicate Ari Vartanen, a two times Group B rally champion.

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