Chrysler brings back the sizzling SRT Viper

Tuesday 10 April 2012, 10:43 AM by

Chrysler, a multi national auto maker, has again marked its presence in the auto market with the launch of the SRT Viper. The car is called as 2013 Viper, which was introduced this week at the 2012 New York Auto Show. This car is known as the 5 generation of the Chrysler’s iconic two seater Dodge Viper, which was launched in year 1992.

It must be noted that the company has launched its first Viper, since it closed the production of sports car back in 2010. In 2010, the company was trying to keep itself at bay from the situation of bankruptcy, and therefore it focussed over pacing up the sales volume with its all time hits, such as the Sebring, a sedan and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Ralph Gilles, President and CEO, Chrysler's Street and Racing Technology team (SRT), said that the future of Viper involves great distress. The company’s decision to restore Viper emerged as fortunate for the company, since the sales of Chrysler were increased. The company generated revenue of around $183 million in the last fiscal, which was the first annual profit for Chrysler since 1997. Gilles further added, “The launch of the 2013 Viper proves that we simply would not let the performance icon of the Chrysler Group die.”

Viper is a handcrafted car which is designed in Detroit; will not make brilliant profits for the company. During 2007, the year before recession began, Chrysler sold just 1,172 Vipers. At that time, the car was offered with tag of $90,000 and this time it is believed that the company will price this car over $100,000.

The Viper introduced in the initial stages was counted among those cars that had a V-10 engine. Chrysler has again assimilated an 8.4 litre V-10 engine in the new model, which is around 11.2 kg lighter than the last one. The company believes that it will churn an impressive power of 640 bhp, whereas it will attain peak torque at 813 Nm. In order to deliver a luxurious drive, the car holds an efficient suspension system, which makes the car stiff by more than 50 per cent that help the driver to hold complete control over the car.

As far as exterior appearance of this car is concerned, Gilles said that the designing of this car is encouraged by “a naked woman on the beach.” Its design has few hallmarks of Vipers and a “double bubble” roof, which provides ample space for headroom to the driver and passenger. The headlamps of this car are precisely designed that looks like the eyes of snake, whereas the LED tail lights reflects the design of snakeskin.

The company has incorporated Viper’s signature within the car that creates a mark in the industry. Advancements like lower seating arrangement for better functional design, decent seat padding and brilliant quality material are provided within the car. In addition, the company is also equipped with a uniquely designed instrumental cluster panel, which can also be customised as per the driver. The car also has an 8.4 inch touch-screen panel that operates navigation, radio, climate and other applications within the car.

The company is yet to announce the price of this unique car; however it is speculated that the car will be offered with a tag of $100,000.

On the other hand, there are several other sports cars under this price range. Therefore, post launch, the car will face stiff competition from the Audi R8 and the Porsche 911.

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