Chevrolet Beat LPG Dual Fuel Car Specifications In India

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With the tremendous response to Beat petrol fuel version, Chevrolet has come up with the dual fuel version of the same. Chevrolet has ensured lot of improvement in the technology used for the same. According to Chevrolet’s official website, the LPG kit uses advanced sequential injection system. It is claimed to give the advantages such as no power loss, no jerks and backfires, Less in weight, According to Chevrolet’s official website, the Beat LPG features a next-generation LPG kit with Advanced Multipoint Sequential LPG Injection Technology, which overcomes the performance and mileage limitation etc .Further with the latest design there is minimum utilization of interior space for kit fitment and LPG tank which means the passengers can enjoy the comfort as good as in petrol version. Also the LPG lines are made of high strength Nylon which is a great boost for safety of usage of the same.

Chevrolet Beat LPG Dual Fuel Car Specifications In India |


Chevrolet Beat LPG version uses the same capacity engine as in petrol version ie 1.2 L engine delivering power output of 80.04PS.Additional care has been takes to reduce the overall weight of engine and hence maximize the mileage output with fitment of LPG kit. Chevrolet claims to get mileage of 349 KM for one complete filling of LPG tank having capacity of 26.2 L. There is lot of improvement in technology used to ensure minimum noise, vibrations and harshness of the car.

Mileage factors

With LPG mode the Chevrolet claims mileage of 13.29KMPL, with out much compromise of the power and torque as in petrol mode i.e. 80.04 PS power and 104NM torque. It is a great improvement considering the power possibilities in LPG mode . For LPG version Chevrolet offers warranty of 3 years/45000 KM whichever is earlier. The on-road price is expected to be around 4.7 Lakh in Delhi.

Additionally with Petrol tank of capacity 32.8L, there is LPG tank capacity of 26L. Considering the total mileage delivery of approximately 19kmpl in petrol mode and around 13 kmpl in LPG mode, one can cover a total distance of around 1000 Km with one complete filling of both LPG and Petrol.

Easy of usage and Safety concern

One of the great improvement in LPG version is that of the switching mode. Pressing of the sensor based button is enough to change the mode of operation of engine. Further in case of emptying of LPG tank there is automatic conversion to petrol mode and vice versa. This is one of the best features a car can have to ensure comfort of usage of the same.

The safe design of the LPG tank, emission norms meeting the required standards as specified by government norms boosts the confidence of the customers.


Chevrolet Beat offers host of features in redefining the Dual fuel version cars. It would be interesting to see the on road performance of the same and how it is received by the customers. We will soon provide the complete review with actual images, comparison with other Dual fuel version cars.

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