Cars that Talk to Hit the Market

author image Rishi
Monday 27 July 2009, 00:00 AM

There are fuel efficient cars, alternative fuel cars, diesel cars, petrol cars, flying cars and now the world will have “The Talking Cars.” Robotics is not just confined to the sci-fi movies but is soon to become a reality due to efforts of scientists like Dr. Bhibhya Sharma and Dr. Utesh Chand working on Talking Cars at the University of the South Pacific. These scientists are working on a concept that implements mathematical equations instructing the driver to change lanes for better and safer driving experience.

This concept is already working in the existing modern day robots, especially where robots are made to work together. Each robotic car would be controlled by a central brain, guided by a series of algorithms that enable the brain (car) to converse with each other and follow instructions so as to maintain separate lanes and avoid collisions.

What remains to be seen is that how soon the scientists are able to apply the same to commercially available cars and how much will the new technology make the existing cars more expensive?

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